Beware Ye Who Enter Here

This beware to enter sign began as a standard product here item RB-6083 and we added red LED eyes You can but this item without the eyes by clicking below.

Radio shack part list
270-41 or 270-398 holds 2 AAA Batteries
270-401 or 270-408 holds 2 AA Batteries
276-086 Red LED's
271-1321 1 K Ohm Resistor

The configuration is very basic and can be applied to many props to add evil eyes. The parts can easily be obtained at your local Radio Shack. We used a battery holder for AAA batteries but a AA batery holder is just the same. The battery holder hot glued in place.
Next we used 2 Red LED's for the eyes. ours were the clear variety that glowed red. You could also use the blinking kind but they will not blink at the same time. Keep in mind that with LED's one wire is shorter than the other and the shorter wie connects to black. In this picture we pushed the RED led's through the sign and bent the long leads over until they touched and soldered them together with the red lead from the battery. We used a short black wire to connect the two LED short leads. Lastly a 1K Ohm resistor is used between the short black leads and the black negative of the battery. Depending on the size of the LED's used this resistory may need to be larger or smaller.
If you are not too scientific and want to light up a something with lots of LEDs you can start by soldering them all in parrallel which means hooking all the long leads together and then all the short leads. Then before connecting power try using a larger valued resistor and test the voltage with a meter getting to an LED. If lower than the rating of the LED then lower the resistance until you reach the LED's maximum voltage. Two batteries produce plentry of power for many LEDs at 3 volts which is a little too high for most LEDs so not much resistannce is neede to get the right amount. In our example we needed to get down to 2.2 volts.

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