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Yard Ghouls

Prepare the stands by counding a 2x2 post 8 ft tall into the ground. We use old bean pole stakes. We took a 1/8 X 1/2 inch x 3 Ft steel flat bar. Drill a hole in the center of the bar and bend the bar in the arm shape desired.
Attach the bar to the pole about 1 foot from the top. We use only screw to allow for arm flexibility. A vise makes it easy to bend the the steel into shape.
Dress your character in a costume and fill a plastic grocery bag with newspaper and pull over the top of the pole. Tie the handles of the bag in a knot. To mak hands we took latex rubber gloves and filled them with canned insulation foam. We suggest the door and window foam since it stays softer. Allow many days to fully dry.
Spay paint the gloves black to hide the exposed portions. Pull monster or skeleton gloves onto the hands and push the hands onto the ends of the steel bar.
Pull a ghoul or grim reaper mask over the bag to complete the ghoul. We installed a pair of LED's into the eyes to make the eyes glow.
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